Holli Walker


Holli Walker created the best-selling DVD 'Beyond The Secret' and hosted a one-night LIVE EVENT across the US in movie theaters. It was #1 at the box office that night of all movies showing coast-to-coast!

She has appeared on numerous TV shows around the world, has worked and trained with the top coaches, teachers and inspirational leaders in the world.

Now Holli is ready to help you discover your true path in life.


Holli can help you finally discover YOUR TRUE SELF, who you really are, your talents, your purpose for being here!


(Your life DOES have a meaning and a purpose!)

Personal Coach Holli Walker & BTS Team

BEYOND THE SECRET - Hollywood Premiere

(From Left) Christian Simpson, Steve Siebold, Bob Proctor, Holli Walker, Rick Walker, Mary Morrissey, Mark Moffit and Les Brown. 

On the set of "Beyond The Secret."                                               Interviewed by ABC.                                            Red carpet interviews at "Beyond The Secret" World Premiere